Monday, May 5, 2014

Yoga and Martial Arts - Some stretches

In this video you can learn how to incorporate some yoga stretches into your warm up routine. I like how this video explains how to do it.

Yoga is like the martial arts

Yoga just like the martial arts is open to all folks of different ages, religions and life styles. One require not spend for an individual coach or attend a stature Yoga course. You'll find mentions and publications that you can use if you need to understand Yoga self-instructed.
Yet, you must select a type or type of Yoga which is minded for you and your life-style. It's additionally very important to understand your own qualities to ensure your learning is directed. It really is because each type of Yoga has its unique type of meditation. New types of Yoga can also be developed today.
Moreover, there are dvds and movies accessible in the marketplace to direct you as a novice. Additionally there are provides accessible if you are already using or executing the physical actions associated with Yoga and sold. There are yoga exercise for novices, yoga for partners, yoga with power and elegance and movies like Yoga for jocks.
Equipment like yoga straps, yoga belts, yoga mats and blocks. You'll find mats offering support if you are already in to the workout.
Mats function as a pillow for you if you are performing on hard flooring. They can be accompanied with blocks that help you in your Yoga exercise together with Yoga straps.
Moreover, it's suggested that you just decide clothes that won't prevent you from going freely. This way, you'll be able to extend and enhance your versatility abilities.
If you like the martial arts or TKD then try browsing these blogs. They do have some good ideas and techniques you can learn:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Belt Display For Valentine

Thats right I am considering giving my new girlfriend a belt display rack for Valentines Day.

So what am I thinking you ask? Well I think it will be something that she appreciates. She has been training for about a year and a half and her belts are just pilled up in her closet next to her shoes. She is very passionate about her training and I thought this would be a good way for her to display her belts.

The karate belt display that I am considering is this one:

She trains in Kyukoshin Karate and is a very good tournament competitor. She has taken 2nd place in a regional tournament.

A great picture that looks like two karate kids in love

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Girlfriend Winning Tournaments

I wanted to just post this for fun, especially seeing as I have a new girlfriend. Yes she trains in the martial arts too.

She has been winning some local tournaments. Go LISA!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Stretching To Help My Sparring

I have been working on my stretching and have even attended a few yoga classes to help with my hip flexor flexibility. I feel I have been getting better but wanted to help move everything along.

I am also considering buying some equipment to help with it too. One of then pieces I am ordering is the leg stretching machine

They also have a video that shows other stretching equipment they carry but I think the pro stretcher is what I want.

What do you think? The front handle is removable so you can stretch all the way to the front.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ninja Tabi Shoes - Worth It?

I have been considering buying some tabi shoes for my apartment. They seem pretty cool and comfortable (according to my friend Lisa). But what I am unsure about is the split toe. I am not sure if having my big toe separate from my other toes will feel comfortable.

 Here is where I am considering buying my ninja tabi shoes They are not that expensive. But I still do not want to waste my money.

A closer look at them here in video:

Or this picture:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hard Sparring In Taekwondo

I have always loved to spar hard when I am getting ready for a tournament. And this year will be no different. I have started a new workout routine. I am jogging 3 miles in the mountains and adding some different types of weight training to regimen.

In addition I am trying out some new sparring gear: It seems pretty good and easy to clean so I am happy about that. Everyone knows how hard it can be to keep your gear from getting stinky.

Also I have some new training partners who are versatile in TKD who are training at a new school here in California. (If you are unsure how to choose a TKD school go here:

My new partners have been training for over 7 years so their experience in tournaments will help me with my sparring.